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Summer Grilling Tips

Summer Grilling Tips

If you’re looking to host your own cookout this summer, check out these grilling tips first. You’ll be surprised at how a little preparation and awareness can take your cookout from lukewarm to sizzling.

Get the Tools

Before the grill heats up, you need to make sure you have the right tools for the task. Tongs, a long metal spatula, and a grill brush will allow you to make expert moves and help you to prevent food from falling apart or cooking unevenly.

Be Prepared

Grilling over hot charcoals is totally different than cooking in the kitchen. It’s important to have everything prepared ahead of time. Get the veggies chopped, the burgers formed, and the meats marinated and lay it all out neatly in a work station so that you can focus on the grilling and not the preparation.

Keep the Lid Closed

Every time you peek at your food while it’s cooking, you allow some of the heat to escape. That can cause your food to become drier and to lose some of its flavor. Avoid the temptation and trust your grill to do the work.

Get the Timing Down

You should pull your meats off of the grill just before they’re done cooking, since they’ll continue to cook a little while longer even off of the heat. Use a meat thermometer to determine how far along your food is. When you pull it off, let it sit and marinate in its own flavor. And remember, if you want an expert opinion on your finished product, you can always bring a taste over to Ron Smith Buick GMC!